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Kurdistani American Chamber of Commerce
Iraq devotes $1.5 billion to purchasing medicine and medical equipments in 2011 Tuesday, March 15th 2011 1:35 PM Erbil, March 15 (AKnews)- The Iraqi minister of health said his ministry has allocated 1.5 billion U.S. Dollar to purchasing medicine and medicinal equipments for Iraq in 2011. An official from the Kurdistan Region said the Region will also share the purchase. Majid Hama-Amin told AKnews Thursday from the $5 billion the Iraqi health Ministry was assigned as budget for 2011, the ministry has specified $1.5billion for purchasing medicine and medical equipments. The medicine especially for the chronic diseases will be imported from the European countries not the Arab countries for the interest of the citizens, the minister said. Khalis Qadr, the spokesman for Kurdistan Health Ministry, told AKnews the Kurdistan Region will also take its share from the purchase. This comes while the Region has been assigned 17% of the Iraqi budget to run its own semi-autonomous administration. Reported by Saman Ali
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