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KRG New Authority to Sign Oil & Gas Agreements in Iraqi Kurdistan Saturday, May 15th 2010 9:33 AM Sulaimaniyah, May 15 (AKnews) – The head of the previous gas and oil commission in the Iraqi parliament has announced today that the potential gas and oil law will give Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) authority to sign contracts with foreign companies in Kurdistan Region. “The Iraqi gas and oil law will limit the power of the country’s oil minister, which allows the Kurdistan Region to sign agreement with the foreign companies without restrictions,” Ali H. Balo said.This law will come into power limiting the authority of the oil minister in Iraq. Media channels quoted earlier former oil minister Hussein Shahrstani saying: “Kurdistan Region will not have full authority to drill out oil in Kurdistan soil.”The KRG has authority to mutual agreements with the foreign companies and then the contracts are sent to oil and gas commission in Iraqi parliament.The oil and gas commission will welcome the Kurdistan Region’s oil agreements and contracts according to the principles of oil agreements in Iraq.The Kurdistan Region’s oil agreements are permanent source of disputes between the central government of Iraq and KRG.
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