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Kurdistani American Chamber of Commerce
Sulaimaniya hydro-electric plants under renovation with $40 million Friday, March 11th 2011 9:31 AM Sulaimaniya, March 11 (AKnews)- An official said two hydro-electric plants within Sulaimaniya province in the Kurdistan Region are under renovation with 40 million U.S. Dollars. Speaking to AKnews, Sirwan Mohammed Mahmoud, the media and relations director at Sulaimaniya electricity office said the renovation of Dokan and Darbanikhan hydro-electric plants is a project by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG, northern Iraq) which will be carried out at $40 million. As the Kurdish official told AKnews the budget comes from a share of the $500 million international loan, which has been allotted to the Iraqi government. Kurdistan was assigned $85 million of that loan. Othman Abdul-Rahman, the director for Dokan plant said at a recent press conference currently the protection and control systems of the plants, are under transformation. Abdul-Rahman noted the system for Dokan was initially installed in 1987 and with the reconstruction a digital system will be introduced to the plant. The old system, in addition to difficulties related to surveillance and control, presented another issue; since it was old, if any part needed to be replaced, reserve items were hard to find. An Italian company is implementing the changes for both plants, Abdul-Rahman added. Dokan plant director said half of the project is done so far and expected the project will be finished within one year. Darbandikhan plant was constructed in 1961. Reported by Dilshad Saifaddin
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