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Preparations for the transfer of 3000 university students from Mosul to Kurdistan for fear of armed attacks Alsumaria News / Dahuk August 26, 2010, -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Preparations for the transfer of 3000 university students from Mosul to the Kurdistan region for fear of armed attacks Kurdistan Students Union announced on Thursday said that about three thousand students a Christian and Yazidi at universities and institutes of Mosul would be transferred to the Kurdistan Region during the new academic year for fear of being subjected to armed attacks. The Secretary of Students Union of Kurdistan Irfan Aziz in an interview with "Alsumaria News", on Thursday, he is currently taking the necessary measures for the transfer of about three thousand students a Christian and Yazidi from universities and institutes of Mosul to the Kurdish region to continue their studies at the university and the Institute in a safe and stable region, "noting that "The decision came as an initiative of the Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani, the coordination between the Ministries of Higher Education in Baghdad and the region." Aziz said that "universities and institutes of the region the necessary preparations for the reception of students from the Nineveh Valley," asserting that "The decision is a humanitarian initiative which does not carry any political orientation." And Nineveh Valley geographical area belonging to the province of Nineveh, northern Iraq and north-eastern city of Mosul, and consists of three districts are Hamdania, Shikan and Tel-Kayf majority of these districts are Christians, Kurds, Yazidis, Shabak, and the region became the Nineveh vally to the point of a gathering of Christians in Iraq after escaping from the hot spots in Baghdad and southern and central Iraq, because it is an area of mainly Christian. Scene of Mosul over the past years a number of operations targeting Christians and Yazidis have led to the killing and wounding many of them, as well as the displacement of hundreds of families from the city center of Mosul to safer areas for fear of insurgent attacks, the last two blasts targeting buses carrying students of Christian, last May, the Cook area is evident north of Mosul, injuring 151 students wounded. The province of Nineveh, and status of the city of Mosul, about 405 km north of Baghdad, is one of the hot spots as assessed by the Iraqi government and U.S. military, which is experiencing maintain acts of violence on an almost daily explosions and operations targeting members of security forces and civilians alike, in a time of conservative problems political background of the conflict between the local government administered by the list of Hudbaa, which is dominated by the Arabs, and a list of Nineveh Kurdish Alliance.
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