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Kurdistani American Chamber of Commerce
Barzani: Kurdistan center of the world’s attention Shafaq News /Monday, 03 December 2012 The President of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Najervan Barzani announced Monday, that region's energy reserves of 45 billion barrels of crude oil and 3 trillion cubic meters of natural gas made it the focus of attention of the world and Kurdistan name was registered on the map of global energy production. Barzani said during the opening of the second conference of oil and gas, which is organized by "CWC" oil company in cooperation with the provincial government, in Erbil, attended by "Shafaq News", that “Kurdistan Region has become an important source of global energy and became a strong name on the global map for the production of energy." Barzani thanked the international companies that have worked on exploration, production and export of oil and gas in the region, stressing that "their presence in Kurdistan and work in energy projects is an evidence of the successful policy pursued by the regional government and constitutionality of its approach." It is worth mentioning that many of the global major oil and gas companies as Exxon Mobil, Shell and other companies have signed contracts for exploring and producing oil and gas with KRG and that has raised objection by the federal government, prompting the non-payment of dues of those companies for long periods until the two sides reached an agreement on the matter recently whereby Baghdad pay those dues in a condition that Erbil must produce 150 thousand barrels of oil per day and turn it to the Iraqi strategic pipeline, which export oil to Turkey’s ports.
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