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KRG.org 19:35:36 15 Jun. 2010 Prime Minister Salih calls for new era of British and international business engagement with Kurdistan
Prime Minister Salih at the British parliament's House of Lords with Baroness Nicholson and Ms Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman
London, UK (KRG.org) – Prime Minister Barham Salih yesterday in the British Parliament’s House of Lords said that the Kurdistan Region is entering a new era of economic and democratic progress. He called for the UK and the international community to support the Kurdistan Region and all of Iraq by doing investing and business in the region. The Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister was speaking at a reception in the House of Lords hosted by Baroness Emma Nicholson, a Peer and the Executive Chairman of the Iraq-Britain Business Council (IBBC). Prime Minister Salih said, “We will not forget our friends in the British parliament who helped us during the dark days of our past. Now we are in a new era, with new challenges such as strengthening good governance and our economic progress.” He added, “I ask you to support us again by doing business with the Kurdistan Region, which is the stable, secure gateway to all of Iraq. This will benefit both us and our international friends.” Baroness Nicholson, who previously was a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) in Brussels, said, “I met Dr Salih five years ago when he came to Brussels as the Deputy Minister of Iraq. He gave a rousing speech in the European Parliament which persuaded the EU to re-engage with Iraq and be involved again. He was instrumental in encouraging the EU to support Iraq.”   The guests at the House of Lords reception included MPs Geoffrey Clifton Brown, Ann Clwyd and Nadhim Zahawi, Lord David Hannay, Lord Tim Clement-Jones, Lord Campbell-Savours, Lord Richard Ryder, and Lord William Wallace. Prime Minister Salah is on a UK visit during which he is to give a speech at the Kurdistan Trade and Investment Conference with the aim of increasing investment and trade with Kurdistan by British and international businesses. Dr Salih is accompanied by Minister for the Interior Karim Sinjari, the Head of Foreign Relations Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir, Chairman of the Investment Board Minister Herish Muharam, Minister for Trade and Industry Sinan Chalabi, Minister for Natural Resources Dr Ashti Hawrami, Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr Dlawer Ala’Aldeen, and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Jamil Sleiman Haider.
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